Through the Eyes of a Trainee Learner

My initial thought process when I began my journey with TEAM, I had no idea what to expect! I read up on the Traineeship programme and knew I’d give myself a much stronger chance of gaining employment if my Maths and English was up to scratch.  I  still had no idea what I wanted to be or what the next few months would bring. I kept thinking, all I needed was simply a chance to impress! For example I thought that there would be masses of pressure on my shoulders from the start but what actually happened was totally the opposite. I had my two part induction firstly with Stephen where we discussed career paths, opportunities and what we had done previously.  I also got to meet the other learners in the group. This eased my nerves quite a lot!

The work ready preparation was brilliant. I had plenty of opportunities to practice my interview techniques. Most importantly I got to try my hand at a number of work roles which helped me identify where my strengths lie.

As the weeks passed I was given the chance to speak to real employers and in one interview I had for an Apprenticeship, I really liked the sound of the business and the way the owner spoke passionately about his “work family”. – this was Paul, who is now my new boss and  I am now a part of that family!

I am now a few weeks into my Apprenticeship. It may sound a little cliché, yet with the support I received from the TEAM and from my new colleagues I can honestly say that this opportunity has helped change my life..

Overcoming this challenge took a lot of hard work, a bit of time and dedication. I took a chance on this Traineeship. Now I feel a lot more confident within my role, generally speaking I feel a lot better within myself and this is giving me a massive sense of pride in what I am actually doing. As my self-confidence grows I am happy to face any challenge head on and smash it.


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